'Hot Dog Legs' leads summer's hottest Tumblr blogs

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'Hot Dog Legs' leads summer's hottest Tumblr blogs

And the hottest trend of the summer is ... hot dog legs! Huh? You know, the "you wish you were here" photos your girlfriends post on Instagram showing off their shiny, bronzed legs on a beach, making you so darned jealous. How glamorous of you, girl. Until now!

An anonymous Tumblr blog is burning up social media, proving those would-be sexy walking sticks look remarkably like 3-day-old gas station hot dogs. The blog posts photos of weenies posed like legs and asks you to decide "Are they hot-dogs or legs??" Is that Banana Boat Tanning Oil? Or are those Hebrew National beef franks? It turns out, it's hard to tell.

Let's take a look.

Hot dogs?


Hmmm. It's difficult to decide. Until there's a definitive way to know the difference, we suggest a new Instagram filter: We call it "Oscar Mayer."

BuzzFeed says "Hot Dog Legs is the best Tumblr of the Summer." What do you think? But more important, what's your favorite brand of hot dog? We say Nathan's Famous. Let us know on our Facebook page and on Twitter at @YahooTrending.